K2 Bike is a licensed division of K2 Sports. The K2 Bike Team is a collaboration of the best in the industry and is committed to upholding the stellar reputation of the K2 Sports brand by producing a product line comprised of cutting-edge bicycle technology. This line literally has something for every level of rider.





Strummer Cycles the suspension and hardtail mountain line that is so impressive it should be outlawed. Lucky for you, it's not. Sleekly designed and specked to the gills, you'll want one of these. Like, now.





Developed by the same exceptional team as the K2 Bike brand, our SYNC Cycles line consists of progressively designed hardtails, dual suspensions, 29ers, hybrids, comfort and youth models. Let's say you're looking to get your feet wet to see if your recreational riding could lead you to become an enthusiast, then there is a SYNC bike with your name on it.





The Reaction Cycles brand is tailored for the casual rider and riding family. You've heard "the family that plays together stays together"? Offered at reasonable price points, getting everyone a Reaction bike won't break the bank. Take note, inexpensive doesn't mean cheap. Our product development team ensures the best possible components at the best possible price, so everyone can experience the thrill of the ride.

Coming Soon: reactionbikesusa.com

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